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A remote-controlled LED system turns the optional company logos lasered onto the separator elements into an attractive advertising message that is second to none in event and system gastronomy.

The LEDs can reproduce any colour of the spectrum to light up the logo lasered onto the acrylic glass in your company colours. This is, of course, a new, high-quality, brand merchandising opportunity for beverage manufacturers.


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ab-sorber® | Die Gastro-Revolution & Weltneuheit im Bereich der Ablagenhygiene | led strip - 2x

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Operating instructions LED-SET
Operating instructions LED-SET

General instructions, assembly / installation, cabling, power, functionality, safety

Download 260.6 kB

Cleaning instructions
Cleaning instructions

General notes and cleaning instructions for dividers, drip tray, drip pan as well as LED-Set LS

Download 58.1 kB

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